We are using BorderManager 3.7 as our proxy. For authentication to the
proxy, we have, Enable HTTP proxy Authentication, selected as well as
single sign on and SSL.

I believe that this means that as long as a person is logged on to netware
and they run the Clntrust.exe program, they are authenticated and can use
the proxy according to the Access rules that have been defined.

We now have a need to be able to use the proxy to get to the Internet from
a PC that will not be logged on to Netware, so it will not be
authenticated. I believe that without Enable HTTP proxy Authentication
selected that BorderManager would then prompt a person to authenticate by
logging onto it. Is this correct? Right now it just displays the Forbidden
You are Not logged in, message.

Is there a way to have BorderManager ask for authentication if a person
isn't logged onto Netware and yet wants to access the Internet through the
proxy? Suggestions? Thanks for your help.