On our BM 3.6 box, the CSAudit logs are getting corrupted rather
frequently. The lastest is yesterday I found the following error on the

3-17-2004 8:58:32 am: CSAUDIT-3.05-2400FD [Audit] Major
Cannot complete the "open" operation, code = 0X20057. Make sure the
correct options are specified when loading Btrieve.

These messages were showing up every few seconds starting at 8:58 a.m..
I renamed the SYS:SYSTEM\CSLIB folder, cleared proxy cache and rebooted
the system.

The same error messages are appearing again today. This morning they
started at about 9:20 a.m.

This has been happening quite frequently. It used to be only
occassionally the log would get corrupted. So I have been trying to keep
proxy cache cleared more frequently and clearing out the CSLIB folder.
But, in the last few months, the frequency has increased.

The 3.6 BM box has all the latest from Craig's website, including the
proxy.nlm from a 3.7 patch.
I added the U=1 option to the bstart.ncf file a long, long time ago.

The box is also running DHCP server and DNS server. Some of the DNS
traffic has been moved off onto another server.

Can anyone give me any hints/clues on what to look at to figure out what
is corrupting the CSAudit logs?