I have create iprint policies to install iprint printers to users.
One iprint printer per policy. And set Install Iprint client. (5.40)
Our iprint server is an oes2 sp1 Full updated.

We are imaging all our machines because we are going into production (zcm 10.3).

What i see is that not always the printers are installed correctly. (first time after imaging is send to client) The iprint policy is success and the printers are installed, but not working.

Error: Windows can not print due to an error with the current printer setup

When i remove the printers and drivers from the clientmachine, and reboot. The policy will install again and went fine. Also installing the printer again with https://servername/ipp works also (but we want to use iprint policies from zcm).

What can be the reason for the failing driver install of the printers (while it looks like everything is ok! but printer not working).

Could it be the problem that zcm install first the iprint client and maybe then too soon trying to install the printers?, i can't find something wrong in the registry/driverfiles in the spool directory of the client.

I hope someone can help me to determine this problem.