This only affects IE users using HTTP port 8080. Netscape bypasses the
proxy and gets beyond the firewall okay. FTP work fine with FileZilla.

Tested browser configs:
- disabled folder view for websites
- enabled use passive FTP

Tested using Craig's proxy config file (with and without the

Ran trace but really don't understand it very well.

BM configs:
FTP proxy enabled.
Access rules
\application: FTP proxy all/all
\port: 21 all/all
\port: 20 all/all

What do you figure?

SVR: NW51SP6e/NW6sp3; ED871secupd3; ZfD4sp1b;ZFf4014srvU3;
JVM141SP1/JVM131SP4; C1.3.6; BM3.7SP3; GW6SP3; CSS1.60.03
Px: NSS5Q; NLS603FT; TCP581o;SAS172FT; NDPSsp3c; DS10510.64; DSrpr 10510.37;
3rd: BE90/91; SYM81; GUIN2.0.14; SQL70; IIS; DrvShld
CLT: 98SE/34CLT95e; W2Ksp4+/49CLTsp1a; XPsp1+/49CLTsp1a; IE6sp1+
AGT: ZfD4.0.1.17/; ZfDagtP2

???: Can u guess what makes me really, really cranky?