I upgraded all my NBM 3.7 servers to NW6SP4, NBM37sp3 and NBM37fp4a
recently, and have noted a problem since that time. If I want to
connect to local web site I can, only so long as I type the fully
qualified name. If I take off the proxy it works just fine with the
mahcine name only. Once I go back to proxy, machine name isn't
enough. I have to use the machine name plus the domain name.

It seems like the problem is within proxy.nlm. I tried IE and
mozilla. Both behave identically. once the proxy is removed,
everything works as it did before. Add it back in, and local servers
must be fully named. I tried pinging machine names from the nbm
servers and they worked fine. So it appears to be squarely on the
behavior of the proxy.

any ideas?