I need a little direction with my problem. Workstations can not access our
private internal servers by name when proxy is set. For example, a server
that is named 2KData can only be accessed when the workstation proxy is off.
At a command prompt, the workstation can ping and resolve the A5Data server
to the correct IP address.

I have tried to set the DNS order on the worksation to BM first, then the
W2K DNS server. I've also tried to reverse the DNS order with no luck.
Always the same result with IE5.5 and IE6.0.

What I would really like to do is for the browser to bypass the proxy for
all internal servers. I can't get the syntax correct in the "bypass local
proxy" settings. Wildcards do not seem to work. We have several servers
that start with A5.

Would someone point me in the right direction?

Setup: NBM 3.7 +SP2 on NW6.0 SP3 (IP
NBM is setup for DNS proxy, caching, and URL filtering utilizing

PIX firewall (IP

Internal DNS running on a Win2K server. (IP

On the DNS Resolver Configuration screen, the internal DNS ( is
the first name server. The second and third name servers are external.

The Win2K internal DNS server has the correct server name and IP address in
the list.