We're running 8 SP1 on NW 6.5

Recently we upgraded our Netware from SP5 to SP7 on our GroupWise server, so we could update Apache and have SSL 3.0

Afterwords (we had our SSL 3.0 = ) but now have a couple of users
complaining of strange slowness navigating within WebAccess.
For instance, they log in fine, the WebAccess page appears, however there's a lag in the "frame" of the window that displays your actual email.

Then when it does comes up the small envelope icons (next to the sender and the subject lines) alone with attachment icons come up "broken".

It's very strange and seems to be hit and miss. I can't even reproduce the problem on a consistent basis.

I figure it has something to do with some performance setting for Apache/Tomcat.

can anyone help?

Thank you!