Hi! I'm stuck with weird problems. By accident, one of our techs has "ghost" multiples PC in our labs with the ZISD still intact. After the "Ghost" he then installed the agent on each pc manually. And, now, I only see 1 PC per laboratory. SO I'm trying to figure out a way to correct the situation. So I read as much as I could on these forums on the subjects and still can't find how to do it. Here are the steps that I tried so far.

- After booting in PXE, I did "zisedit -r"
- In Windows I did: "zac -fsg", "zac cc", "zac unr", zac reg -g http://myzone.com"

After all this, I reboot the PC and it won't log in ZENworks properly and I will get the CASA login Windows which won't work either.

So what am I missing here? Do I need the warpatch (Is it the right name?) here? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for everything!