Doing some testing with "Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility pack".

All runs fine until I have to add the Trusted Application. In ConsoleOne I created a trusted app, after that fill in the form:
- Trusted Application Name
- Trusted Application Key File
- GroupWise Post Office Agent IP Address or Hostname
- SOAP Port

Click on next and I have an Error message that says:

Verify of Trusted Application Login failed Using:
Soap Port: 7191
Application Name: MobilityPack

The log file /var/log/datasync/mobilityPackInstall.log says:

Mon May 31 22:09:23 CEST 2010: Datasync.ValidateIPorHostname:entering with name
Mon May 31 22:09:23 CEST 2010: Datasync.ValidateIPorHostname:data ok.
Mon May 31 22:09:23 CEST 2010: Datasync.VerifyTrustedAppLogin:executing: python /opt/novell/datasync/syncengine/connectors/mobility/cli/gw_login.pyc --gw= --appname='MobilityPack' --key='5752028119150000990898514CE608405752028219150 00084FEA9C58517BC57'
Mon May 31 22:09:25 CEST 2010: Datasync.VerifyTrustedAppLogin:return code from verify:$["exit":0, "stderr":"", "stdout":"Requested record not found\n"]

Especially the last line: "Requested record not found\n"

What does that mean? Where to look for?

Kind regards,