I am using BorderManager 3.8 on NW6.5 SP1.1. The proxy settings have
been optimized according to TID 10018669. The proxy works fine on
all web sites except for this one:


I can open it from a PC outside the private network but when I am
inside the proxy, it will sit and finally give up. I get a Gateway
Timout message. I have not tried to access every site in the world,
but I do not have this problem with other sites that we have tried.
Last night I loaded Craig Johnson's PROXY.CFG file and restarted the
server in hopes it would help. But I still cannot see this page. I
set the proxy configs not to cache this page but it still cannot be
opened. This is very weird. Has anyone seen any issues with just
certain types of pages not being accessible? I think this site has a
lot of java content but other pages do too.

I am bewildered.