Firstly - Apologies that this is off topic but I don't know where to
post this one.

I recently made a post (using Outlook Express and please, no comments)
entitled "Mail Proxy" which was posted in this group at 20:18 on
24/03/2004. When I checked a few minutes later I could not see the post
so I searched for it and the search found it. I still could not see it
but the search found other posts with the same title. Searching through
these posts I finally found mine added on to the end of a post entitled
"Mail Proxy" originally started by "Ed" on 06/03/2003 at 23:38.

I have repeated this using Thunderbird 0.5 on a separate machine and
this gives the same results.

The http interface shows the post in its correct position however.

Has anyone any insights?