I am looking for a better understanding of how storage for ZCM10 Primary Server and all our applications will be stored as we move from ZEN7 to ZCM10.3.

We have our collection of various software that we have been distributing via ZENWorks for years now. It was housed on our "application" server which was basically a NetWare 6.5 file server where all the ZENworks AOT, AXT, ect files were stored. We could use eDirectory to grant the needed rights to those files and all was great with the world.

My understanding that with ZCM we would need to build our primary server with enough storage to basically assimilate the current application server and the new server would then be the one to house all the storage of our applications? Is this correct?

I was watching some Novell training videos and while leaning about using AdminStudio it shows to always put the application files (.msi, .exe, .mst) on a shareable source. I get that part, its the same way we have used Novell Snapshot in ZENworks 7 (old sever). However, where I'm getting lost is that since the SLES11 box our ZCM10.3 install sits on doesn't have OES on it, there is no way to map to it using eDirecotry credentials. I read somewhere Novell recommends not putting OES or anything else on your ZCM box. Does this mean I would still need to keep our old server running to store then files, but then how would ZCM know where they are? Does that make sense? Seems like going around in a circle.

At this point I don't see another option as going back to SLES10.3 with OES2 SP2a so I can grant rights and then put ZCM10 on that, but again, with Novell not recommending anything but ZCM10 be on the box I'm torn.

Any help you wouldn't mind sharing would really help!