We are going to be working with a new situation, and I hope that someone can offer insights.

We have a NW 6.5 SP8 server that is the Master of its partition it has two rw replicas and I think that it is the certificate server as well, though when I searched through the WO object it appears that there is more than one certificate server in the tree. This server will be rebuilt from NW 6.5 SP8 to OES2 SP2A

We were unable to talk the client into performing a transfer ID, or even to Migrate services off the server and I was thinking of doing the following,

1.) Promote one of the RW replica to the master to replace PH (server name)
2.) Remove the RW replica from PH once all synch traffic has occurred.
3.) Then remove PH from eDirectory and shut down the server.
4.) Start the rebuild at that point and perform the reverse.
5.) New PH server would be giving a RW replica, and then made back into the Master.
6.) Does this sound correct?

Again thank you for any insights.