While I've only had two people complain about this, it was two more than I
expected, so can you guys test (with various browsers please) and see if
redirection is an issue for some of you? For example:

http://www.caledonia.net/gw8upg.html which should redirect to my shopping cart
at postie.caledonia.net and land on the GW8 Upgrade Guide product.

Before I set up my new shopping cart (which by the way is just awesome if you
ask me!!), I had individual pages for each product, so rather than changing all
of the links to the new cart, I just edited those pages and put in redirection
links. The two who complained were on IE I think (but I'd like info from as
many browsers as possible), and maybe they just don't understand "click here",
but it almost sounded to me like all they got was a blank page rather than a
redirection. So any feedback appreciated!


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