Problem started happening after updating from NW65sp6 to NW65SP8 (also ran all relevant post SP8 patches). We use Arcserve Brighstor 11.1 SP3 loaded on a non-cluster server. Job is setup to backup all cluster vols running on the two cluster nodes. Lookin thru arcserve backup logs I noticed E0182 Error setting connection No conn-ffffffff. Ret=ffffffff unknown file server version 0 - and it doesnít backup the cluster volumes.
*When do display slpda on all servers, da is displayed and active.
*When do display slp services, it does not see the smdr cluster volumes or cluster nodes where volumes are loaded.
*Iíve run disrepair, all servers are in sync, slp.cfg files on all servers have the da IP address.
*Iíve rebooted servers.
*I called Arcserve, and there is no problem with arcserve.
Please advice where I should look to find and solve problem.

Thank you.