Hi all,

Need someone to give me the skinny on iPrint + Mac OSX (snow leopard) + Secure printing.

Basically we have been Windows only, running Client32 and the iPrint client. This is all easy and worked well for many years. Now I need to get OSX printing to the iPrint system.

So far I am just creating a new test Printer Agent with secure printing enabled. I can't get the authentication to work, when installing the printer from a Windows XP machine or from OSX. It prompts for credentials when installing but does not accept anything. On Windows XP, the username field is pre-populated with a full distinguised eDir username (.user.ou.ou.o), and on OSX I have tried just username and full DN combos. In either OS, it just bounces back with "Printer authenticaion failed, do you want to try again?"

If I use a non-secure iPrint printer, the printer installs and prints just fine on OSX. I got the PPD file from the files included within OSX and uploaded it to the broker.

So basically I think I need to work out the authentication/secure printing issues because that does not even work from Windows. Where can I start with this??

TIA for any advice.