Hi Everybody,

nw51sp7 +bm37sp2+fp3b, + Craig Johnson´s proxy.cfg file available at that
I use NBM only as a proxy service.

Well, finally I have to access https://www3.pax.ch:8445/psp/ps.

I have 2 type of accees: restricted and full access.
My access control configuration looks like this:

rule1 (for full access)
access type: url
source: specified nds group
destination: any

with this rule I can access till today any web server via http/https.

rule 2 (for custom access)
access type:url
source: specified nds context
destination: specified url list

Now if I add the https://www3.pax.ch/* in this specified url list, or any
other combination like *://*pax*/* the restricted user will get access
forbiden. Also if from rule1 instead of specified nds group I specify a nds
user, he will also get access forbiden:

transformed rule1:
rule1 (for full access)
access type: url
source: specified nds user
destination: any.

Now I am totally confused. Any idea what´s going on?
Another question will be, for https access, do I have to define a separate
application proxy rule, or my access type "url" to destination "any url" is
already covering the https protocol?

With Best Regards
Valentin Rata.