Running 10.3 in a test environment at the moment. Playing around with imaging. I install ZEN agent as a step from a reboot sysprep. Basically the steps are:

1. Image
2. Reboot
3. Name workstation
4. Reboot
5. Join Domain
6. Reboot
7. Install ZENWorks agent

After the agent has been installed, the machine reboots, ZISWIN kicks in and restores the name from imagesafe data. This works fine, although it is not populating Zone GUID, Device GUID or Device ID in ISD. Consequently when I reimage, it adds another workstation object to the domain. Is this a bug or something that I am doing wrong? What I am finding is the workstations in the zone filling up with say (using test as the machine name)...

Test.5gfwgwe6234hgftew64h name + GUID
Test.45698732dfg765632354533 name + GUID

I have just posted a question about the whole join domain business, so only interested in why the workstation ID is not being stored in ISD to protect the zone from orphan workstations.