Im trying to copy files from a Netware 6 volume to an NTFS volume on a 2003 server. This faild while some files have a file path depth from more than 256 chars.

The Netware 6 volumes has DOS, LONG, MAC (dont know why) and NFS namespaces. While i try to copy the file i get the error: "Cannot copy (filename), The filename, directory name or volume lable syntax is incorrect"

I read that this is a problem whit some windows software implementation and that Robocopy has no problem whit it. But robocopy gives this error message: "The system cannot find the path specified."

Also tried \\?\ in a dosbox to copy. Also whit no succes.

Even when i connect the folder containing the files whit an UNC path and try to copy those to the root of the NTFS volume i receive the same error message.

Only thing that wil work is to use filer, but thats a lots of work to copy all the files that have involved.

What other solution or workaround is there?