Hey You Peski Kids.....

Can anyone offer some advice.

When I try and access our web server from our internal network, if I use the
public ip address, it works (no exceptions in IE). see line from log file:

192.x.x.60 - .pgates.ou.company [05/Apr/2004:11:39:21 +0100] "GET
http://193.x.x.2/ HTTP/1.1" 200 19384

If I try and access the URL, it doesn't and I get 504 timeouts. See below:

192.x.x.60 - - [05/Apr/2004:11:42:30 +0100] "GET http://www.company.co.uk/
HTTP/1.1" 504 2272

Now all this is going through the proxy. Now if I do an nslookup on the
proxy, it sees that http:\\www.company.co.uk resolves to 193.x.x.2, so
surely the URL should work, as typing in the IP address works, and all the
proxy should be doing is resolving the name!


Any ideas?