I want to use a NBM3.7 to reverse proxy to the web services of an
internal Webserver for https, port 443.

Right now I use a static nat from a secondary public IP address to the
internal Webservers IP (192.168.something) and a filter exception for

What do I need to use the reverse proxy in NBM3.7, or maybe a generic
TCP proxy for port 443?

As soon as I remove any of the 2 above (NAT or filter exception) the
internal webserver is no more accessible from outside, even if a
reverse proxy from that secondary public IP of NBM is defined upon
that private 192.168.something of the internal web server.

What do I miss?

One reason why I want to try this is, because the GroupWise 6.5.1
WebAccess works not too nicely: When replying a mail or adding a
attachment, often the first click on "Send" presents a "page not found",
<alt> + leftcursor, again click on send presents the WebAccess login
page, <alt> + cursor-to-left once again and send a 3rd time: then it

So I hope that application proxy or generic TCP:443 proxy would make
this better.

(I know I could install the GroupWise webAccess on that NBM3.7, but I
don't want to)

Thanks, Rudi.


NW6SP4, NBM3.7 fully patched. (Craig Johnson's suggestions)