I've been running NW 6.0 with BM 3.6 for a couple years with few problems. I
have a 4 GB traditional volume set up as a cache volume. Today I noticed
that the Cold Node figure was 0 and I got a couple notices that this past
Saturday (off hours) at 6 a.m. the cache volume was full.

"NBMALERT - The system is short on disk space and operations may fail
Time : 4-3-2004 5:58:51 am
Server : FOI1
Service : Netware Operating System"

What would cause this? I was able to unload and restart the proxy (with
the -cc option) and it seems to be working okay now. But why would it give a
disk full warning when it normally runs nearly full and automatically
deletes old cache files to make room for the new?

Dan Pearson