My file servers are currently running Netware 6.5 sp7. We originally
purchased Netware 6.5 when it first came out, and our 100 user licenses are
from that original purchase. We have not been paying into any form of
software maintenance plan.

The applicable novell licensing object is called "Novell+Netware 6
User+650.context", and according to it's properties it has an install date
of Jan of 2005. Units installed is 100.

I've been having problems lately with people unable to login to the servers.
I eventually realized that we've hired just enough new staff to push us over
the 100 user licence. I'd like to add licences to support another 5 to 25
users, just in case we keep expanding.

My software supplier tells me that I have to purchase OES 2 licenses, which
will in turn allow me to receive Netware 6.5 licenses. He's not sure though
if this makes sense "technically".

So my question is, if I purchase, say 5, 10 or 25 OES 2 licenses, can I add
them to my existing Netware 6.5 installation? Or do I have to get rid of my
existing 6.5 licenses and buy 105,110 or 125 OES 2 licenses?

I look forward to your response.