We need to assign the exact same set of rights, with the exact same contexts, to at least a dozen different administrators in ZCM. We do not want to have to specify either one by hand every time; we want to assign the rights and the contexts to some object - a role, a user group, or the like - and then associate that object with the administrators.

(Ideally, we would like to assign them to a user group and then add users from a user source to that group. At first glance, this seemed to be exactly what a role was for, but it doesn't seem to work that way; a role can get rights, but it cannot get contexts.)

There does not seem to be any obvious way to do this, but it seems like such a basic thing, likely to be needed so commonly, that for ZCM to have been released without the inclusion of a way to do it would simply not make sense.

The only direct discussion of this which I have found is this thread, from about two and a half years ago, in which this functionality is described as something which will be in an upcoming release formerly codenamed "Corona". I have not been able to find any indication of what may have happened in this area since then; I know there have been multiple releases of one level or another, but I have not even been able to find any current roadmap, and I do not know whether any of those releases are supposed to have included this functionality.

Has this functionality been added? If so, how do we get at it? If not, are there any recommended workarounds (the sort of thing you might suggest to someone who needed to do this for hundreds of different users), and is there any information available as to when it may finally be included? Either way, is there anything to explain why it has been omitted for so long?