I posted this in the cluster services forum, didn't get a response, guess i had the wrong forum.

We use Arcserve Brighstor 11.1 SP3 loaded on a non-cluster server. Job is setup to backup all cluster vols running on the two cluster nodes. Arcserve backup logs has "E0182 Error setting connection No conn-ffffffff. Ret=ffffffff unknown file server version 0" - and it doesnt backup the cluster volumes loaded on node 2.

*When do display slpda on all servers, da is displayed and active.
*When do display slp services smdr.novell, it does not see cluster node 2 or the cluster volumes loaded on node 2, so arcserve will not back them up.

I migrated vols from node 2 to node 1 and slp services smdr.novell displays all cltr vols and all servers and backs them up (except node 2).

*I've done the load smdr new command on node 2 and the slp.cfg file has the host, ip & sap protocol enabled.
*slp.cfg files on all servers have the da IP address.
*Ive run disrepair, all servers are in sync
*Ive rebooted servers.
*I called Arcserve, and there is no problem with arcserve.

Configuration has not changed. It started happening a couple of weeks after upgrading to SP8. However, right after upgrading to SP8 it must have been workin ok because backups were good.

Please advice where I should look to find and solve problem. What do i need to do to node 2?

Thank you.