I've installed the gw802 beta client on my windows 7 x64 workstation.
It is working fine unless I click on the "Home" folder/view

When I do this the machine flickers several times, Groupwise stops responding
I also get popups informing me that the graphics driver has been stopped and recovered.

on the first time I saw this - the machine eventually blue screened.
on the second test I managed to close groupwise - the machine seemed to recover.

in the event log I see "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

this is a nvidia quadro fx 1700 graphics card. I have tested this issue on both the windows7 drivers and the latest from nvidia

if I don't click on the "home" folder - the client seems to run ok apart from some icon corruption/duplication.

let me know if any more information is needed or required.