I am at my wits end. Whenever I try to access imanager or remote manager on every server in my tree, whether it be SLES10 or NETWARE kernal, I am getting a certificate error.

The error is 'Name Mismatch'

I have recreated the certificates, ran PKDIAG's with no errors, done the TCKEYGEN, stop started Apache and TOMCAT, rebooted my machine, changed the load HTTPSTK nel from load DNS to IP..

Nothing is working.

The certificate details seem correct except that the issuer is Organizational CA instead of the server name which I think is confusing the certifcate.

I can proceed by clicking 'continue to the website' but whenever I am (for example) browsing printers in iprint, I keep getting this message, and I think this is also disruption my from copying printer profiles from server to server.

ANy help is greatly appreciated.