Trying to migrate from NetWare DHCP (NW65SP7) to OES2SP2 (SLES10SP3)...
I have run the migration, which generated a 'Service' which appeared to contain all the subnets, options, etc.

My concern is with regards to two option settings that have been migrated:
a) 43 - this is vendor specific information and required for our Ericsson IP phone systems and specifies their server and the vlan id
This appears for the oes linux config in the java console under Configured Options for a particular subnet as:
Code: 43
Oprion Name: Vendor-Specific Information
Value(s): 11:45:72:69:63:73:73:6F:6E:20:49:50:2D:50:68:6F:6E :65:01:0D:31:32:38:2E:31:30:30:2E:32:30:34:2E:38:0 5:03:39:31:33

and in the dhcp-ldap-startup.log (effectively dhcpd.conf) as:
option vendor-encapsulated-options 11:45:72:69:63:73:73:6F:6E:20:49:50:2D:50:68:6F:6E :65:01:0D:31:32:38:2E:31:30:30:2E:32:30:34:2E:38:0 5:03:39:31:33;

My concern here is whether or not the separating colons are required? This would appear to be the 'linux dhcpd.conf' standard, however I notice in the java console that the entries for the netware dhcp server configuration don't contain the colons i.e.
114572696373736F6E2049502D50686F6E65010D3132382E31 30302E3230342E380503393133

b) 176 - not sure where this is being pulled from, as I cannot see in the original config (Java console) - not sure it's actually required?!?
This appears in the java console under Configured Options for the service as:
Code: 176
Oprion Name: Vendor_Class_Identifier
Value(s): code 176 = String

and in the dhcp-ldap-startup.log as
option Vendor_Class_Identifier code 176 = String;

I would have thought maybe there is a syntax error/duplication here, with the value meant to be just "String" as opposed to "code 176 = String"
Again, I can't actually see where this is coming from, and can't see the relevance regarding the VOIP config, so it's probably just coming from the migui/dhcp migration process...

Unfortunately this is very hard for us to test, as we have multiple subnets (LAN and VOIP) for each of our dhcp servers, and don't have an ericsson server configuration in our test environment...

We did a 'sneaky' test, late last night and the configuration (with the option 43 including colons) didn't appear to work.... However such tests do impact users (24x7 sites, esp. for phones)

Anyone out there got a successful config for an Ericsson VOIP config they could share?

Many thanks