We are currently a ZEN 7 environment and I am going to be upgrading to ZCM 10. I have some questions below that I hope someone can offer some advice/comments or confirmation. ZCM 10 will be in a VMware virtualized environment/SAN with an external MS SQL databases and in an AD environment. ZCM will eventually be supporting 750 devices. I apologize for the length.

Here they are:
1. I am installing on a Win2008 r2 server - 64-bit. I believe DataCenter version is not supported though? Is that still correct?
2. Documentation says MS SQL 2005 database. Is the 2008 version not supported yet? 32-or 64-bit database with either one? Newbie sql question here.
3. What type of CALS are needed for #2 above in a virtualized environment?
4. Certificate - what is the best practice - internal or external? Any advice here is golden.
5. I will be using a new 10.3 install. Anyone having any issues with this version? I am reading mixed reports, but take with a grain of salt.
6. Should I use a separate server for the ZCC? Novell's Best Practice documentation mentions this. My colleague and myself will be the only ones using the ZCC.
7. I plan on having 2 primary servers for load balancing and redundancy. I currently have ZEN Patch Management on a separate server. I eventually, down the road, want to use patch management that comes with ZCM. When I migrate over, should I install patch management on a separate server? I am thinking yes. -OR-
8. Does the install of the new ZCM agent uninstall the current patch management agent? If so, I will just start using the patch management that comes with ZCM.
9. I don't plan on migrating anything over from ZEN 7. I want to start with a fresh environment. Unless, someone recommends otherwise.
10. Any other advice?

Thanks in advance for any replies.