Hi all,

two OES2SP2 nodes are clustered with NCS and connect via iSCSI to a storage cluster that is built with SLES10SP3, DRBD, Heartbeat and IET. I already did several failovers while a NSS pool was live on it (with two volumes, one for filesharing, one for Groupwise) and this all went fine up till now.
Last Tuesday I did a failover at 1 PM and at 5 PM we saw messages in /var/log/messages that something was going on with the pool. Also starting Groupwise would reboot a node. We called Novell support and the culprit appeared to be a damaged NSS pool. After rebuilding it was fine again.
Of course this worries me. Do you think the failing over on the storage cluster might be the reason? It happens within two seconds and there are no iSCSI errors to be seen ...