hoping someone else has seen this, or knows a fix..i have a small test network that i've got 1 zcm primary server running on sles10, a satellite server running on sles10, and 2 xpsp3 workstaions. Everything was running fine on 10.2.2, and today i updated everything to 10.3 (everything showed success with the update) now when i go to "Patch Management" in the ZCC, there is nothing there..(i checked off all the options on the right and still nothing) I know that 10.3 groups bundles / patches by company / month etc, but when i look under my bundles, they still look like they did on 10.2.2. (no microsoft, adobe folders etc...so i'm just curious if i'm missing something? or has anyone else seen this, and know a way around to get my patches to show back up? Thanks in advance..