I've got a new install up and running of ZCM, by downloading the appliance and uploading to ESXi. I want to do everything that I can to wring every last drop of performance out of this installation, as I've run into login speed issues with old versions of ZCM.

So I have a few questions as to what direction to take on a few issues:

1) Should I even be running 10.3? Or would 10.2.2 be a better choice at this time? I've read mixed reviews from folks on 10.3 on this forum, but most of them were doing upgrades from an earlier version, but I am not.

2) Is it better to run the internal Sybase or create an external? I'm only looking at about 900 workstations that will be in the zone.

3) Should I choose mint a cert from an external CA vs. using the internal? I checked my cert length, and it is 10 years, which I am comfortable with. Any other advantage that I should be aware of by using external?

4) Should I manually import the ZCM cert into my machines (through IE, when browsing to the ZCM server admin page), or is this done automatically? Or does it need to be done at all?

I have verified my DNS infrastructure being correct, which I know is critical.

Any other best-practices for maximum performance?