We are using BM 3.7 sp3 on NW 6.0 sp3, with firewall, access rules and
filters in place and in working order.

Most of us are happy to surf with IE 6.0 and send/receive mail/news with
Outlook (regular or Express), but some rebels <G> would rather have their
way with Mozilla 1.6 - and I agree. The problem is, IE & Outlook work fine,
Mozilla instead...

It so happens that surfing is OK, as soon as the proxy address is
configured, but getting the mail/news client to work seems to be an
extraordinary task. Since BM's configuration is left untouched, I must
think that:

- either Mozilla requires something beyond ports 25, 110 and 119; and / or
special packet types;
- or proxy setting works differently in Mozilla mail client.

I have tried both URL and dotted notation for the proxy, to na avail.
Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!