Hi Everyone

I am running ZCM 10.3 on a Windows 2008 SP 2 , 8GB Ram, 2 X Intel
Quad-Core Xeon with MS Sql 2008 with 1Gbps connection with Network 6.5 SP 8
I am having slowness problems since using ZCM 10 my workstation seem
very slow login, when I was using Zenwork 7 it took about 3 mins from
bootup to desktop appearing now with ZCM 10 takes about 6 mins.
The desktop agents loads quickly, I think it something to do with the
DLU policy
These are my DLU policy settings
Enable the enforcement of this policy
Use user source credentials
Manage existing user account (if any)
Volatile user
Cache Volatile User for time period (5 Days)
Has anyone got any ideas?