We have 2-3 web sites our users use a lot. They are newspaper sites
that seem to take upwards of 45-60 seconds to load. When we test
these sites outside of our BM enviroment using a DSL line, they load
in less than 10 seconds.

This is a new development in the last week or two and we haven't
changed anything in our border setup.

The sites are heavily scripted and the load speed using BM is same in
IE and Firefox.

We have tried clearing the cache on the BM server as well as not
caching the sites in question. This does not seem to help.

The main offender (http://www.post-gazette.com/) renders the outside
frame(s) of the site quickly, but the inside (real data) takes another
30-40 seconds to load.

I have also tested with disabling Symantec Anti-Virus and that has a
very minimal (<5 seconds) affect.