Hi there,

Upgrading our GW system from 7 to 8 and also looking to move from NW6.5 to
SLES10 OES2 too. We are changing the topology of the system too, less POs in
more centralised servers.

For the largest POs in each domain, we intend to move the databases from the
old NW6.5server to a new OES2 server using dbcopy, upgrading to GW8. Then
we'll move the remaining users in that domain from the remaining POs into
the GW8 PO, upgrading them at the same time.

The question I have is about the move/upgrade of the first PO. Should we
move it from GW7 on NW6.5 to GW7 on OES2, then upgrade the LINUX GW to
verion 8. Or should we upgrade the Netware GW7 to version 8, THEN move it
over to the new OES2 server?

Move and upgrade or upgrade and move?