Some issues and questions ...

n.b. I'm using GroupWise 8.0.2Beta windows client.

1. Why we can't publish our main Agenda, but only secondaries agendas ?

2. Can we publish ONLY Appointments, Can we not publish Notes and Tasks ??

3. When looking at the Web Calendar, for Appointments, display problem.
If I mouse over an appointment, I can see the Time: From - To format.
If I open that appointment, the Time field only display the From value.

4. If a Group Appointment is retracted/cancelled from the GroupWise Calendar by the
Sender/Requestor, the Web Calendar still display the appointment. Even doing a
refresh, it stays there.

It look like a retracted/cancelled appointment is not treated as en Event by the Web Calendar.

The only way to have it refresh, it's to do a modification in the Calendar directly using
the windows client, like accepting something, changing an appointment.

That is treated as an Event and it will do a refresh, the retracted/cancelled appointment disappear.

Here are my system informations:

propos de l'hte de publication d'agendas Novell Groupwise
Hte de publication d'agendas Novell Groupwise
Version 8.0

Numro de version : 90388

Version du programme :
8.0.1 12/5/2010 (CalHostServlet.class)

OS Revision Linux Release

Main Thread Process ID 1727

Build Dates

GroupWise Agent Build Version 8.0.2-90388

GroupWise Agent Build Date 05-12-10

GroupWise Resource Build Date 05-12-10

Any ideas or answer to those questions / problems ?