I know I shouldn't ask for help here. But there seems to be no forum about all the SUSE forums. Neither is there an easy way to find the "newbie" forum.
(At least I didn't find it. Then again I maybe a real newbie)

Could anybody provide a link or hint (I don't feel like guessing now though) that could help me with my simple question as SUSE 10 doesn't regognize my Broadcom 5703 network card which I would like to get working as all I can find from the latest SUSE version is a DVD download. My IBM X235 only picks up on CD's.
While testing I got the expected response:
ifstatus: Interface 'eth01' is not available.

Please help me out with the right forum.
(Of course, a link to CD's images/iso's is very welcome too

Wim (feeling a bit frustrated)