Hi all: I have been doing some very rudimentary testing of login times on a typical workstation. Our servers run OES2a (fully patched) and our workstations are Windows XP sp3 (fully patched) with client 4.91sp5. We also run ZCM version 10.3. We use context-less logins.

My testing consisted of timing how long it takes for the initial login box to disappear and how long until desktop icons appear.

In general, following a reboot login times are: ~55 sec / 1:20 sec
In general, not specifying a server, login times are similar to the above
In general, if I specify a server during login, times are 10-20 secs / 30-45 sec

It appears to me that specifying a server (under advanced) drastically speeds up login times.

I then changed the client properties to include a default server. However, this made no difference in login times.

So, what can I do to get the faster login times without actually having to specify a server on each login?

Thanks for your input, Chris.