Though I must join in with my overall frustration with the NW 6.5 to OES2 migration path, I want to stay on topic. After facing another new situation I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, we prepared the source server, and target servers. Went through the first step no errors, went through the second step no errors, eDirectory was stopped on the Target machine, however at the DIB copy process, we received a red stop message that read

Errors must be resolved before proceeding with the next step. An error is displayed in the Errors text box.

We tried to run this step again but no luck, I am sorry but I did not get the actual errors written down however we exited the MIGGUI screen and we're unable to log back in because eDirectory had been removed from the box, thus unable to authenticate, we thought about trying the command line, but a few weeks back we had a direct run in with that documentation and the Novell Tech that we spoke with said that it was out of date in some places.

I was just wondering if someone can point me towards why the DIB copy might have failed and how to move past this. I have done 13 Migrations so far and none has been consistent.