We were running BMEE 3.6 and were running fine for 1 1/2 years. We
recently upgraded to 3.7 due to a proxy issue, figuring that this would be
almost a no-brainer, I chose 3.7. However, we have been plagued with 502
since. Here is our environment and what I've done so far:

Problem: 502 errors for various sites, which have not been hit previously.
Refresh the web browser numerous times and then connects fine.

- NW5.1 sp6 server
- BM3.7 with sp3
- The BM server is acting as the primary DNS server for internal lookups
and is setup to forward remaining lookups to our ISP's DNS.
- can resolve all of the "failed/502 sites at any time, just won't post
into browser.
- Happens in both Mozilla and IE

attempt 1:
implented BM37FP4A.EXE
install tuneup.ncf (from http://nscsysop.hypermart.net)
pointed to different Inet DNS server
increased connection timouts

result: No better

attempt 2:
installed updated proxy.cfg from http://nscsysop.hypermart.net
updated tcpip to 5.93m (domestic)
result: reduced 502 errors, but still far more than we ever had under 3.6

attempt 3: to be determined....any ideas???