This may seem intuitively obvious to a casual observer but after
researching this news group and all the manuals I can find, itís still
not working.

I have BM 3.6

The BM 3.6 manual says the following:

ďYou can use the Mail proxy between the existing intranet mail server
and the Internet, or directly between the intranet and the Internet
without an intrAnet mail server.Ē

To me this means I do not have to have a mail server on my intrAnet to
make use of BMís Mail Proxy. However, in NWAdmin, when I select Mail
Proxy under the Application Proxy tab in the BoarderManager Setup dialog
box I am not allowed to place a check in Mail Proxy until I fill in
something in the ďInternal Mail Server NameĒ. I donít have an Internal
Mail Server; the BM 3.6 Install and Config guide says I donít have to
have an Internal Mail server.

The business is a single server using BM 3.6. Outgoing mail is sent
from the desktop clients to a SMTP server provided by the ISP. The
desktop clients connect directly to their POP servers on the Internet.

Under these conditions what Mail Proxy services can BM 3.6 provide, and
how would it be configured to provide these services?

This is not a rush help. Iíve been reading and tinkering with this for

Thanks for any insight here.