Greetings, running GW8SP1HP1 with NW65SP8 back end. I was trying to find a
way to determine for particular users who they have proxy access to. Even
if I were to login as them and check their proxy dropdown, it would only
show the mailboxes they've actually proxied to, there could be more. Then I
find the above TID, it creates a report which amongst other things says for
a given user who has access to them, not exactly what I want, but if I were
to run it for all my post offices and do a search for the user I'm trying to
determine who they can access, I should come across all the entries.

Problem is the report is INSANELY long! For one user alone it was over 2MB
in size, I shudder to think of the size for the whole post office (if it
would even work...). I don't suppose there's any way to just get what I
want without all that other fluff?