10.3 introduces new bandwidth settings for satellite servers. I'm having trouble locating where these new settings are documented. I'm guessing it's somewhere in here; http://www.novell.com/documentation/zcm10/ but I can't find it.

Anyone know where this is? Particularly I'd like to know the interplay between the old setting under content/primary server replication and the new settings configured on the satellites. I'd like to know more about how the bandwidth schedule works. It's not intuitive to me.

If I change the default of 0 Kbps to 5Bkps, is this default 24/7? The default says Duration 60 minutes at a fixed interval of some random number of minutes. That seems really odd to me. One I have not touched is 48 minutes, another is 7.

Also, what throttles the connection the ZCM server or the Satellite? e.g. If I put in a throttle on a Satellite which is still on 10.2.3, does it still get the throttle?