Hello let me give you a little background information, we tried to migrate a server last Friday, the server migration failed at the DIB copy process, and when we checked eDirectory things seemed stable, dsrepair on the source server had no errors, and time was in synch. Left things over the weekend, and came in today to re-install a fresh Linux machine, and try to perform a consolidation of services, however when it came time to install eDirectory onto the Linux machine, it failed at 53% "ndsconfig failed to configure and start eDirectory" I went through the process of removing the information and trying again from scratch, but no good still fails at 53% and now I don't know how to move forward. Any ideas or thoughts why this still fails when it is a fresh install of SLES 10 SP3 / OES2SP2A with all the patches? NW 6.5 SP8 servers with are still in the tree, but we are trying to migrate them all to Linux.

I will say that this is growing increasingly frustrating, because we performed these same steps earlier and things worked, now just hitting roadblock after roadblock. Would not patching first be a better idea?