We are re-imaging pc`s from an old zen zone and network to a new zone and network.

We have 2 network zones with zen 10.0 on the old and zen 10.2 on the new.

New images were created from scratch and using sysprep.

Re-imaging process is as follows

1. Uninstall zenworks client workstation from the old zone (fixed IP)
2. Re-image
3. Add to new DHCP network
3. Install new zen client form server.


1: PC renames itself to its previous name
2. DHCP service on workstation loses the automatic setting
3. Fixed IP settings from pre-image restored
4. Zen Client is unmanaged
5. IE proxy settings from pre-image restored.
6. Workstation name in new zone is also the old name

I have to manually reset all these settings and refresh zen several times to set to the new zone dhcp and pc name etc.

This problem also occurs if re-imaging a pc from and to the same zones when trying to name the PC to different name.

This issue is now becoming a real pain as we have over 1200 pcs to re-image onto a new zone.

Where is it picking up this old information from ?

Is there a hidden zen partition that re-imaging does not remove and reads from ?

has anyone had the same issues ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.