Last weekend I had to update some highly productive systems. Because of the small timeslot our SLAs allows I planned to do several updates, patches and post-fixes at once, what I normally would avoid.

Starting situation was

Compaq ML380 G5 with MSA 500
libcsp6b ftf
ncs 1.8n

On Node 1
- did all recommended health checks, disabled unneeded services, left cluster.
- on friday evening applied the non-VPN Version of TCPIPPatchNW65SP8 (STEP 1) without rebooting the server
- on saturday morning applied NW65SP8 (STEP 2)
- reboot
- checking the server, everything was fine
- applied n65nss8b (STEP 2)

Because I was in hurry, I did'nt wrote down what exactly happened, so I'll tell from memory:
- NSS failed to load (load of zlss.nss failed status =1)
- no server prompt
- no volumes mountable
- tried server -kf8
- found the nss modules causing the problem
- used c:\nwserver\!backup.nss for rollback with success

Are there known problems? Did I something wrong?

Because of rolling back by just copying the files under \!backup.nss\* nwconfig still shows n65nss8b as installed. It's just cosmetic, I know but are there ways to correct that information.