Had some trouble with our ERP Prg (http://www.visigate.de/visigate/)
with Client2SP1 IR1 when File Caching was disabled. (Enabling file
caching caused severals BSODs from time to time.)

Tried the IR2 a few days ago and.... now our ERP Prg. runs fine file
caching disabled and/or enabled but....

the IR2 breaks up my mozilla Profiles (Firefox and Thunderbird). Thats a
strange behaviour, but we reproduced it on several clients.

Data: Win7 pro 64bit, newest stable Firefox and Thunderbird. Profiles
located on NSS Volume (6.5 SP8+post)

Never had that problems before with client2, incl. SP1 and IR1.

So we banned the IR2... :-(
Will IR3 come out soon? :-)