For those of you that have looked at the CL115 Brainshare slides (I think you have to get them from the Amsterdam download), what are your thoughts on the OES3/ponderosa roadmap?

I'm not 100% sure I like the "cloud" thing (mainly because we have a very distributed network with WAN links that are already overloaded and that's WITH local servers at the site, let alone putting everything "in the cloud").

I liked the "F" drive idea, but I'm not sure if that means NetStorage goes bye-bye (NetStorage is great, IMO, but needs a major update like Web 2.0 drag/drop support and support for Windows servers with AD authentication).

We have lots of drives that people need access to, not just an "F" drive.

iFolder could possibly replace "H" drive (our users home directories) but it's been so long since I played with it (we had major sync issues with the old 2.0 product on NW that we shelved it). Not to mention our users are hardly able to grab the concept of "put your stuff on H" let alone trying to explain this iFolder thingy.

I also seem to get the indication that Novell will move away from eDir to AD authentication?

Possibly Novell trying to de-couple as much stuff as possible for a possible move/port to Windows?

Not sure if that's a good thing/bad thing (I guess from a marketing perspective).

Although iPrint on Windows . . ..