This has probably been covered previously but I have not found it. I have an old (7 years) Netware SBS 6.0 server with GroupWise 6.0 that has reached its limit and cannot continue to serve our needs. There is also a second Netware SBS 6.0 Server on line working primarily as a Backup Exec Backup server, but also providing additional data storage for the network. I have aquired a new server and am preparing to install NOWS SBE 2.5. I am looking for guidance (in the form of pointing me toward documentation/guides or other sources available) in migrating/consolidating the existing SBS servers to the new SBE server. The available Netware to Linux Migration tools, according to my research so far, do not support SBE. I would prefer to maintain the old servers untouched in the event of problems so I can fall back in case of some failure during migration.